South Downs Maps

4 Maps of the Central South Downs.

South Downs Maps
South Downs Maps
South Downs Maps£12.00

4 Mountain biking and hiking maps in the Central South Downs

Map 1 – Arundel & Amberley to Findon

Map 2 – Findon to the River Adur

Map 3 – River Adur to the A23 Brighton Road

Map 4 – A23 Brighton Road to Lewes

This set of 4 maps and guides covers the Central South Downs from Arundel and Amberley to Lewes. The area is part of the South Downs National Park and is the perfect location for both mountain biking and hiking. The trails are mainly on well drained chalk and flint that dry quickly after rain. They are mostly mud free and useable year round. Each map has 3 great described routes suitable for beginners and experts alike. The maps also show in detail the route of the South Downs Way from Amberley to south of Lewes. Convenient car parks, railway stations, cafés and even water taps are all marked clearly. Try some of the suggested routes or just adventure on your own, using these maps and routes as a guide.

The first map covers the area east of the River Arun from Amberley and Arundel to Findon. It includes the popular biking areas south of Storrington. Map 2 describes 3 terrific routes between Findon and the River Adur with great views of the historic Chisbury Ring and Chanctonbury Ring hill forts. Map 3 covers the area from the River Adur to north of Brighton and includes a great ride from The Devil’s Dyke. Map 4 runs from north of Brighton to the historic town of Lewes. There is a great bike or hike along the South Downs Way past Ditchling Beacon with magnificent views of the Clayton Windmills, Jack and Jill.

Map 1 This map covers the area of the South Downs National Park from the River Arun in the west to Findon in the east. Three great routes are described in detail. An easy route goes between the stations at Amberley and Arundel. Two other routes start high on the downs above Storrington. These circular routes are described from the top of the escarpment, across the chalk downs and along the South Downs Way. There are great views towards Arundel Castle and the south coast and to the north across the Weald.

Map 2 - From Findon to the Adur valley is one of the most popular areas in the South Downs National Park. Three great suggested routes are suitable for both beginners and experts alike. An easy route describes a circuit around Findon past the Cissbury Ring. A second route starts at Shoreham and runs past the spectacular Lancing College. The long route includes the atmospheric hill forts at Cissbury and Chanctonbury Rings.

Map 3 - This map and guide covers an area east of the Adur valley to the A23 Brighton Road. There is spectacular Downs scenery from Truleigh Hill along the Fulking Escarpment to the Devil’s Dyke. Three great routes are described in detail in this central part of the South Downs National Park. This area is fortunate to have a number of easily accessible cafés providing excellent refreshments and all marked clearly on the map.

Map 4 - This map and guide describes three great routes in the South Downs National Park between Lewes and the A23 Brighton Road. The map has all of the bike legal trails clearly marked and can be used by bikers and hikers alike. Two long routes both start and finish at railway stations, encouraging the use of public transport. A short easy route is described from Stanmer Park accessible by bus from Brighton and can be joined from Falmer railway station near Sussex University. The South Downs Way is shown from Pyecombe to just south of Lewes.

ISBN 978-1-906184-79-7

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