Malt Whisky Map of Scotland

Scotland Malt Whisky Maps – Speyside Map, Islay Map, Highland Malt Whisky Map, Lowland Malt Whisky Map.

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Whisky Maps
Whisky Maps
Whisky Maps£12.30

Whisky Maps of Scotland  -  4 malt whisky maps and guides covering the malt whisky regions.

Location Map of Scotland’s Malt Whisky Distilleries.

Map 1 Speyside Malt Whisky Map and and the Speyside Malt Whisky Trail

Map 2 Islay Malt Whisky Map

Map 3 Highland Malt Whisky Map

Map 4 Lowland Malt Whisky Map

The 4 colour maps and guides in this pack give details of all the Malt Whisky Distilleries by region as defined by The Scottish Whisky Association. The maps show the location all working malt whisky distilleries plus the closed or silent distilleries, the grain distilleries and other whisky attractions. They are ideal for the malt whisky enthusiast or for planning a visit to Scotland.to visit the malt whisky distilleries.

This pack contains the Speyside, Islay, Highland and Lowland Whisky Maps by Trailmaps.

The Speyside map covers the region of Speyside in north east Scotland that has the greatest concentration of malt whisky distilleries anywhere in the world. This colour map and guide clearly shows the names and locations of over 50 distilleries. Those open to the public are identified and separated from distilleries that are silent or closed. The eight distilleries and cooperage of the world’s only Malt Whisky Trail are also marked. Use this map and guide to locate world-famous brands and plan an unforgettable visit to this rich and scenic area. The maps are clear and colourful and show all the main tourist centres and attractions around the malt whisky distilleries.

Islay - The dramatic islands of Islay and Jura lie off the rugged Scottish Coast just sixty miles to the west of Glasgow. Set amid an overwhelming landscape of natural harbours and rocky shorelines, cluster some of the World’s most famous whisky distilleries. These glistening whitewashed buildings, perched on headlands or nestling in bays are visible for miles. They produce the whisky for connoisseurs. Battered by the high rolling waves of the Atlantic Ocean, these island whiskies mature with their nose to the sea. Use this map and guide to plan an unforgettable visit to the Islay and Jura distilleries in this rich and scenic area.

Highlands - The spectacular scenery of The Scottish Highlands is home to the World’s finest malt whisky distilleries. From the agricultural lands of the east, through the mountains and glens to the islands in the west, the Highland landscape is rich and diverse. The whisky produced in this area reflects the variety of terrain and climate. The Highland distilleries are located on this colour map and those open to the public are identified separately from distilleries that are silent or closed. Use this map and guide to plan an unforgettable visit to the Highlands of Scotland and see for yourself the distilleries in this beautiful scenic area. Detailed location of the Highland Malt Whisky Distilleries including the Island Malts

Includes the Whisky Region of Campbeltown

ISBN 978-1-906184-50-6

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